How to Pay Tax in online with challan 280

How to Pay Tax in online with challan 280

Using challan 280 you can now pay your income tax online, on the income tax website. You don’t need any other sources to pay your income tax for you. Since many employers pay the income tax on behalf of their employees, since most of the salaried class does not have the need to pay additional taxes.

What is Challan 280?

Challan 280 is the form which is required to be filled when you want to pay your income taxes. This can be done offline at bank designated to collect income tax, or you can also pay it online. We will see both of them

How to pay income tax offline at bank?

One can physically go to the bank and submit the filled challan 280 form along with the money. You can download the challan 280 from Income Tax website.

How to pay income tax online?

Another way to pay the taxes is by filling up challan 280 online and making the payment through your net banking facility.

Step 1 : Choose option “Challan 280” from income tax website

The first step is to visit this link and click on the option “Challan 280”.


Step 2 : Fill details on the Challan 280 form

Once you click on the challan 280 link, you will be directed to the page which will ask you various details.

fill-challan-280 1.png

  • Choose (0021)INCOME-TAX (OTHER THAN COMPANIES), which is to be chosen by individuals

  • Choose assessment year, which is next year for which you are paying income tax. So if you are paying income tax for year 2013-2014, the assessment year will be 2014-2015

  • Enter your PAN Number, address, Email, Phone etc

  • For Type of Payment, you can choose SELF ASSESSMENT TAX if you are paying the final income tax for the year, or ADVANCE TAX if you are paying the advance tax.

  • Choose the bank name from where you are going to make the payment and finally click on proceed button which will take you to next page for confirmation of all the details entered by you

Step 3 : Verify Details and proceed for payment

On the next page, you will be asked to verify all the details you had filled. It’s important to check that the name mentioned on this page is for the same person for whom the income tax is to be paid. It should match with the PAN card holder name, also match the assessment year, email and phone number and other details.


Step 4 : Enter your login details for the bank

On the next page, you need to enter your bank username and password, so that you can make the payment finally.


Step 5 : Fill the Income tax payable and make payment

The next step is to enter the income tax amount and other details as applicable and then finally hit the payment button.


Step 6 : Download the PDF receipt and also get it in your email

Once you make the payment, it will give you an option to download the challan receipt in PDF format. You can save it on your computer. Also, you will get the email containing the challan copy anyways.



If you are an individual or a company and earn a taxable income, you must file your tax returns. You can file your taxes online using your net banking account, and avoid all the hassles of long queues and heaps of paperwork.

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