Ways or Steps to check TDS credit online

Ways or Steps to check TDS credit online
There are many payment on which TDS is deducted. The assesse can claim such TDS deducted from his incomes while filing his return of income at the end of financial year.

But assesse always has a doubt whether the deductor has properly paid TDS on his payment and it is properly credited to his account.

So he wants to know the status of his TDS credit always. For that many people will always ask the deductor to know whether they had paid the TDS or not.
Else some come to know at the end of financial year while filing return that TDS has not been credited to their account and at that time they will rush to the deductor and ask for their credit.

Instead of these mess; income tax department has provided facility to check your TDS credit balance at any point of time in the year

All TDS & TCS credits will be given in the FORM-26AS.

Contents of 26AS?

Form-26AS contains detailed information of TDS credits to your PAN. It contains the amount billed and TDS deducted and TDS deposited to government. It also contains the TAN number of the deductor; deduction date; deposit date. It shows section wise TDS credit & TCS credit.

Ways to check TDS credit?

There are 3 ways to check your TDS credit online.

1. Through your income tax login account.

2. From TRACES website.

3. Through your Internet Banking account

How to check TDS through Income tax website?

1. Go to

2. Login to your account using your user-ID (PAN number) and password.

3. If you are new to the website you have to register yourself in the website.

4. After logging in into your account; go to the tab “My Account”.

5. In the drop-down list select “View Form 26AS (Tax credit).

6. A window asking your confirmation to go to TRACES website will appear. Click on the confirm button

7. You will be redirected to TRACES website. A pop-up will appear on the screen which asks to proceed or not. Tick the check box and click proceed.

8. Select “Click view Tax credit (Form 26AS) “ appearing at the bottom of the page.

9. Select the Assessment year and the format in which you would like to see your 26AS.

10. Choose format as HTML if you want to just view it. Choose PDF format if you want to download and save it for future reference.

11. Enter the captcha code.

12. If you had choosen for PDF click download.

13. Password for opening PDF is the date of birth on your PAN. E.g., if your DOB id 12/12/1985 the password is 12121985.

How to check directly from TRACES website?

1. Go to

2. Select as “Register as new user>tax payer”.

3. If already registered enter the login details and captcha code.

4. Select “view 26AS” and choose the Assessment Year and format.

How to check through net banking facility?

1. This facility is available only to those persons who has net banking facility in the authorized banks.

2. For using this facility; PAN number must be mapped to the Net banking account.

3. Login to your internet banking account.

4. Select view 26AS tab

5. Enter the Assessment year and format.

Conclusion: -

By following the any of the above ways you can always check your TDS/TCS credit at any point of time in the year.

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