What are the Rectifications Under Section 154

What are the Rectifications Under Section 154


The facility of rectification is available if there is a mistake or errors happened at the time of filing Income tax return. Rectification application maybe filed u/s 154 of the Income Tax Act by the taxpayer in case of any mistake apparent from the record. To file your Rectification, you should be a registered user in e-Filing application. An Income Tax authority may a) amend any order passed by it under the provision of this Act b) amend any intimation or deemed intimation under sub-section (1) of Section 143. Subject to the other provisions of this section, the authority concerned, a) may make an amendment under sub-section (1) of its own motion, b) shall make such amendment for rectifying any such mistake which has been brought to its notice by the assessee.

Pre-Requisites to file online Rectification Request U/s. 154

1. The Income Tax Return for the Assessment Year should have been processed in CPC, Bangalore.
2. An Intimation under Section 143(1) or an order under Section 154 passed by CPC, Bangalore for the e-Filed Income Tax return should be available with the taxpayer.
3. Online rectifications will be entertained if and only if the return is filed online.
4. If the refund arising out of return processed at CPC is adjusted against the demand of other Assessment Years and then the assessee is challenging the demand itself, in that case

i) Rectification application has to be filed for the demand year, if the demand was raised by CPC then online application has to be filed
ii) for the demand raised by the Field Assessing Officer, the application has to be filed before him.

5. No rectification has to be filed for giving credit to taxes paid after raising the demand.
6. To file your Rectification, you should be a registered user in e-Filing application

Conclusion :
This facility is used by several tax payers to easily process the assessment. You can file another Rectification for the same Assessment Year ONLY if the previous Rectification request is processed. The rectification request can be withdrawn within 7 days if submitted by mistake or the request needs to be amended

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