What are the Steps to file ITR 1Online

What are the Steps to file ITR 1Online
ITR 1 form is most important form for income tax returns because it is applied to salaried employees mostly.We are providing steps to file ITR 1 on income tax efiling website.Filing returns on income tax website is free and easy.
Steps for ITR 1 form submission are as follows:
  • Click e-file ITR 1 online
  • You will get Login form and enter login details using PAN or else register yourself.
  • Once you get logged in,you will see the ITR1 form.
  • Click on personal details and fill them.
  • Click and enter your income details from salaries,house property etc after entering personal details
  • Enter section 80C deduction amount.
  • Salary income as per form 16 in B1
  • Other income entered in B3.
  • Click tax details
  • Click Taxes paid and validation,here you can see refund amount or balance amount.
  • Enter bank details in D20.
  • Final step is click submit to file return.
The tax filing process is invalid unless your ITR V is verified.You can electronically verify or mail the signed ITR V to the processing centre in Bangalore within 120 days of filing the return.

Eligibility for ITR 1 form

All individuals cannot use ITR 1 form for income tax filing.
  • Income from salary or pension.
  • Income from one house property.
  • Income from other sources like interest income.

Who cannot use ITR 1 form are

  • Income from more than 1 house property.
  • Income from lottery or races.
  • Capital gains income.
  • Agriculture income.
  • Business income.
  • Asset having outside india.

ITR 1 Form due date

31st July of next financial year is due date for ITR 1 form submission.
Follow these easy steps and e-file your income tax return.Last date of filing ITR 1 form is generally July 31 of every year.

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